Burstin' Breakfast

It's so big, it's bursting at the seams. Bacon, ham and breakfast sausage served with two fried eggs, home fries and toast. Yes you can! Sharing with the hottie in the next table is an option.

Never Too Early for Steak*

Steak to your diet. Start your day with a Certified Angus Beef Denver Steak served with two fried eggs and home fries.

Strange Bedfellows

US beef stips served on a bed of steak fries topped with cheese sauce and gravy. Yes, it's a bed. Eat them before they sleep!

Lunch on a Hunch

Meat: Roast Beef, Grilled Pork Belly, BBQ Chicken Filet OR Fish Filet ala Pobre (We know it's a hard choice, but you gotta do it. You're in control. It's your lunch.) + Soup of the Day + Garlic Fried Rice + Buttered Vegetables + GRAMS Iced Tea = BURP! (excuse me)

GRAMS World Famous Beef Tapa

Did you know that the word tapa means "cover" in Spanish? Well, here in GRAMS, beef tapa is served with two fried eggs and garlic fried rice. (Brief silence as we let you chew on that). You would have finished your beef tapa before you find the connection there. By then, we don't think you'd still care.


GRAMS Diner New Menu

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Operation Smile
We invite you to partner with GRAMS Diner to support Operation Smile and help make a difference in the life of a child. You, Operation Smile and GRAMS Diner - changing lives one smile at a time.